How to Heat a Paddling Pool?

How to Heat a Paddling Pool?

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Paddling pools are awesome, especially for the kids but one of the main things you need to consider is How to Heat a Paddling Pool?

One of the main issues with paddling pools, and one of the reasons why many children will refuse to be the first person in the pool as soon as the water is added, is because they are always absolutely freezing to get into.

Since you’ve already gone through the effort of blowing up the pool, there are surely some ways you can easily warm the paddling pool up to make it a much more appealing temperature for anyone who wants to have some fun, right?

So let’s look at your options…

How to Heat a Paddling Pool?

One of the easiest and most obvious ways for you to heat up a paddling pool would be to simply add warm water to the pool.

However, this isn’t as simple as you may first think. Let’s face it, who has an outdoor tap that supplies hot water? Most people will only have an outdoor tap that supplies cold water.

Boiling the kettle and bringing that to your pool is going to be a very big no-no as it’s going to be WAY too hot for anyone to get into it without suffering burns.

Another option you have is lugging a bucket or two across from your kitchen tap until your paddling pool is completely full. This works absolutely perfectly, but it can be very time-consuming and very labour-intensive.

So What are Your Other Options?

There are a few other ways to heat a paddling pool.

Purchase a Tap-to-hose Adapter for the Kitchen Sink

Purchasing a simple hose attachment for your kitchen tap, so you can link up your garden hose to your inside tap will allow you to pour warm water in your paddling pool effortlessly.

This is by far the cheapest and easiest way to make sure your paddling pool is at a desirable temperature when your kids are ready to play.

You can find a large selection of different tap adaptors here that fit a range of different types of taps and hosepipes.

If you can’t get down to the shops to get your own, then if you’ve got a balloon, we might have a better idea for you…

Use the End of a Balloon as a Tap-to-hose Adapter Instead

If you cut the bulbous end of a balloon off, you’re going to be left with a thin bit that you can blow air into.

You can then stretch this leftover piece of the balloon over your tap along with your hose which makes for a great makeshift tap-to-hose adapter if your children are eagerly waiting for a hot paddling pool to be set up as soon as possible in your back-yard.

Put Bin Bags Over Your Paddling Pool (no, seriously)

Once your paddling pool is filled up with water, you’re going to want to cover it with as many bin bags as needed and leave it there for around about 45 minutes to an hour for things to heat up properly.

The material helps to conduct the heat from the sun directly, which allows for the water underneath to heat up.

And if you hate waste, you’ll be happy to know that you can simply put these bin bags on the washing line to be dried so that you can either use them for their intended purpose – holding rubbish – or so you can store them away and be ready to be used the next time you get your paddling pool out.

Use a Solar Blanket

If you’re looking for a much better way for you to heat your paddling pool up, which does not involve using tatty bin bags, then we’d suggest getting a solar blanket for your pool.

Not only is this going to be better for the pool itself, since you will be able to cover every inch without a fuss, but you’ll also have something handy that is actually designed to be used in your pool which you can use all year round, not just this once.

What is the Fastest Way to Heat up Your Paddling Pool?

No doubt you’re here because you’ve got eager children who are ready to have a day splashing around in the sun – so you want to know the fastest way to heat it up. We’ve covered a few ways you can heat up your paddling pool, but What is the Fastest Way to Heat up Your Paddling Pool?

The fastest way to heat up your paddling pool is by using water from your hot tap either via a hose pipe or by using buckets to fill the paddling pool.

The other techniques, such as using bin bags or solar blankets are great, but they will take quite a while and are not very good ideas if you’ve got children who are desperately wanting to splash around.

How to Keep Paddling Pool Water Warm?

The best way to keep your paddling pool warm throughout the day would be to make sure it is positioned in a way so the sun can directly heat it, this way the water can always stay warm.

On top of this, we would also recommend adding warm water every now and again from the kitchen sink to keep things topped up throughout the day.

And for when the paddling pool is not in use, for one reason or another, you should cover it up with bin bags or a solar blanket as we previously suggested to help the paddling pool keep the heat in.


Paddling pools can be great fun for everyone, as long as they are kept warm enough when people want to use them.

Although, in this article, we’ve gone over many ways you can keep your paddling pool warm when it’s in use and when it isn’t.

So you can take something away with you, perhaps so you can consider your options a little bit, here is a checklist of the options you have:

  • Add water using buckets.
  • Add water using a tap-to-hose connection from the store.
  • Create a makeshift tap-to-hose connection out of a balloon.
  • Put bin bags over the paddling pool for a while.
  • Put a solar blanket over the paddling pool when it’s not in use.