Paddling Pools

Paddling Pools

Look forward to a summer of outdoor fun with our fantastic range of Paddling Pools that will make any garden or outdoor space the perfect watery playground.

Our range includes baby and toddler paddling pools, large play centres that are packed with adventure, family pools, fast set pools from Intex and Bestway, and framed pools that are perfect for larger gardens.

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Make a splash when those hot and sunny days come round with a fantastic paddling pool.

Make sure you're ready for those hot summer days and browse our fantastic range of paddling pools, play centres, family pools and framed pools that are perfect for any family.

For babies and smaller children there are shallow paddling pools that also double up as ball pits. Allow them to explore and learn through water play or just bring a little bit of fun to your garden with the colourful designs and shapes. Did you know that playing with water is great for a child’s sensory development?

Meanwhile, larger kids will love the themed paddling pools and play centres, with slides, water sprays and fun watery games.

For larger family pools, why not take a look at the Bestway and Intex, rectangular paddling pools or their fast set and easy set round pools which come in a variety of sizes to suit any garden.

Finally, for those with a larger garden or outside space, the steel framed pools and fixed framed pools are perfect. Often classed as portable swimming pools, these large pools offer the perfect way to relax and have fun at home.