Floating Mini Tablet Spa Chemical Dispenser, Pool Floating Cleaning Chlorine/Bromine Tablet Dispenser with Thermometer. Suitable for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Fountains(2pcs)

Amazon.co.uk Price: £12.56 (as of 31/12/2023 10:44 PST- Details)

【High quality】The blue dosing device is made of high-quality PP material, durable, anti-drop, long life, anti-oxidation, corrosion, you don’t have to worry about microorganisms in the water will corrode this thermometer. One package contains 2 pieces of this product to extend your use period.
【Multi-function】The built-in thermometer can read the temperature while cleaning the swimming pool. The temperature range that can be monitored is: 30°F-120°F / 0°C-50°C. When the temperature increases or decreases, the temperature change can be clearly seen from the outside, and the dual temperature unit display is more convenient.
【Easy to use】Just open the dispenser and put in the chlorine tablets. The adjustable dispenser can release an appropriate amount of medicament over time as the device floats. It can be used in any water storage equipment such as swimming pools, hot tubs, fish tanks, etc. . Help you clean the pool, away from algae, bacteria and bad smells.