Wimypet Large Pet Swimming Pool, Non-slip UV-proof PVC Foldable Pool with Frisbees Bath Pool for Dogs, Cats, Kids, Thickening Durable Portable Dog Pool for Indoor or Outdoor(160 × 30 cm)

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High-quality products made of high-quality materials—–Our pet swimming pool is made of high-quality PVC material, which is non-slip and not easily deformed. The external material of our paddling pool is UV-proof material. Outdoor use can avoid sunburn and increase the choice and fun of outdoor games.Our dog pool is easy to fold and carry. When the dog pool is used or not in use, it will take up less space after being folded.
Strengthen the edge, the best water level line—–our pet swimming pool will become sturdy after the edge is thickened, so there is no need to worry about water flowing out of the edge due to unstable internal center of gravity. The best water level line is also marked in our paddling pool, also known as the maximum fill line. Using this mark can prevent the floor from getting wet due to water overflow, especially when used indoors, thus avoiding the trouble of cleaning after use.
Free Frisbee toys—–In addition to dog pool products in the pet swimming pool package, you will also receive Frisbee toys. You can put it in the paddling pool and let your dog play with this toy while playing in the dog pool. At the same time, it can also be used as a dog toy for daily use. You can use Frisbee toys with your dog, play Frisbee games indoors or outdoors to increase the joy of life.