InLoveArts Square inflatable swimming pool toy bathtub swimming pool summer outdoor game garden water spray toy for family children baby adult second ring blue white four sizes (181 * 141 * 46cm) Price: £45.78 (as of 02/01/2024 10:37 PST- Details)

❤ Soft Floor Design: The thickened wear-resistant bubble bottom inflatable bladder can effectively block the cold on the ground, avoid the rapid drop of water temperature, and prevent the baby from falling and knocking when swimming or playing in the pool
❤ Safe and Durable: All materials used are environmental protection and non-toxic, in line with international standards for children’s toys, 50% thicker than most PVC on the market, independent layered design, using enhanced hot-melt technology, firm and not easy to break. If air leakage occurs in the single layer, it will not affect the normal use of the child.
❤Large Drainage Hole: we use an enlarged drainage hole design, which is more efficient than conventional drainage holes, direct drainage, clean and thorough.